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Garage Doors In Malton

If you’re searching for garage doors in Malton, you’re in the right place. We’ve been providing reliable and quality garage door installation and repairs in Malton for many years now. We recognise that every house is unique and we always strive to deliver a bespoke service that meets your exact requirements. All of our modern garage doors offer a stylish and secure solution that doesn’t cost the Earth.

We’re able to install all popular types of garage doors across Malton as well as provide a quick and reliable garage door repair service. Regardless of whether your garage is used to store your vehicle, has been converted into a home gym or houses your prized possessions, we’re here to make sure it is safe and secure.

Garage Door Repairs in Malton

Do you currently have a garage door that looks a little like this image? Don’t panic – if your garage door is broken in the Malton area we’re here to fix it. Often we’re able to complete a quick repair that saves you hundreds on a new mechanism.

We’re able to mend all models and types of garage doors and always have a thorough stock of parts to repair all parts from major manufacturers. From Hormann, Marantec Comfort and Merlin Profit to Wessex Liftboy and Dexxo, we have you covered.

At Premier Garage Doors all callouts are free to the Malton area and our fitters will know exactly what the problem is. Please note that none of our fitters will ever do a repair without first informing you of the nature of the repair and the cost. Most repairs cost around £50 for cables, springs, roller, locks and handles all vary depending on the make and size of the door.

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New garage doors in Malton

If you’re on the hunt for a brand new garage door, Premier Garage Doors works with all major manufacturers to deliver every popular type of garage door in Malton:

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Up and over doors

Up and over garage doors continue to be the most popular option in the UK and have been for many years to date. This is because of how simple installation is and the varying designs they come in. Up and over garage doors can be made to measure and therefore if additional height or width is required this is easy to achieve. Other benefits of up and over garage doors include:

  • A high security system with multi point locking as standard
  • Easy to use handle in varying design options
  • Effortless open and closing mechanism
  • And loads more!
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Roller Shutters

Roller shutter garage doors are one of the more versatile door options. With vertical opening and no need for internal tracks, roller shutter doors open far more smoothly than other door types and therefore less prone to issues. Roller shutters can be delivered in a vast array of colours and finishes and come fully insulation.

The main benefit of roller shutter doors are that they can be installed in a number of situations where space is tight. Due to vertical operation, roller shutters are not hindered by obstructions and allow users to fully utilise the size of their garage and length of their drive.

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Sectional Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are made up of individual sections that are connected to one another by hinges. This means that unlike other garage doors, sectional doors open without any “kick out”, providing up to three more feet of driveway compared with up and over doors. Sectional garage doors are popular with users that have short driveways as you can park right up against the door.

Alongside this, sectional doors are popular for a host of other reasons. Primarily, sectional doors are very attractive in design being comprised of high quality materials that involve the most recent innovations in manufacturing technology. A wide range of design options also means that sectional garage doors remain a popular option.

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Side Hung Doors

Side hung doors have risen in popularity in recent years due to their clean design and different benefits. Side hinged doors are a great solution if you have many obstructions in your garage space, limited headroom or if your garage is used mostly as storage.

Side hinged doors can be fitted in a number of materials that include steel, timber or GRP and are available in a 50/50 split or 1/3 or 2/3 opening ratio. Given this variety, side hung doors are perfect for garages that require regular pedestrian access, whether you’re a budding cyclist  or need access to your storage on a regular basis.

Why choose premier garage doors for your repair?

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Years of experience

We’ve been repairing garage doors in the York area for many years. All of our fitters have years of experience and so can identify and resolve any repair issues quickly.

No Call out charges

We don’t think call out charges are fair and that’s why we all of our callouts are free! Equally none of our fitters will ever complete a repair without first confirming the cost beforehand.

Top quality service

We’re really proud of our 5 star rating on both Google and Checkatrade and we’ve have worked hard to develop a reputation for good service and quality worksmanship.

affordable repairs

Often we’re able to repair your garage door for around £50 and can source all types of cables, springs, rollers, locks and handles  (although price can vary based on what parts are required).


Tim, York

“Came out late evening to check our garage roller shutter door which occasionally got stuck. What he did only took a few minutes and he didn’t charge me either. Problem sorted. Brilliant guy. Would definitely use them again”


Susan, York

“I would thoroughly recommend Rob for any work you may need in relation to garage doors, whether new or repairs. He certainly knows is stuff and was genuinely a pleasure to deal with. I will definitely recommend to my friends.”

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Roller shutter doors

Sectional garage doors

Side hung garage doors

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